Phijama Festival is a brand of DOAFEST Etkinlik A.Ş., a consortium of 3 well established companies each expert in their fiels. DOAFEST has been established for the purpose of organizing international music festivals and bringing wold famous artists to Turkey starting from 2020.

The consortium companies are:

  • EPIFONI EVENTS: Expert in festival management and artist engagement. It’s the creator of festival brands such as Greenify, Enter the Music and Elektrolite.

  • MICE TECHNIC: Is the main production & technical services provider of national / international corporate events and concerts in Turkey.

  • CRYSTAL CONCEPTS DMC: Is an A list events and tourism agency managing accommodation, logistics and event management needs of celebrities and corporate incentive groups coming to Turkey.

Phijama Festival as DOAFEST’s first project in 2020, will have 7 nights 7 days event flow with top international DJs, 5 star ultra all inclusive accommodation options and additional social activities and become the biggest music festival in Turkey. It’s already a candidate to become one of worlds greatest festivals.

Where can I get my Phijama Fest ticket from?

You can use the below link to refer to the relevant section of Phijama website to see your ticket options. www.phijama.com/en/get-tickets

Alternatively you can visit www.festicket.com

Here you will be able to see the festival and accommodation packages for a full Phijama experience.

What are the ticket regulations at Phijama Festival?

You will receive your Phijama Festival ticket as a pdf file to the e-mail address you stated during the ticket purchase process. Once in World of Sunrise, the festival grounds, you will exchange your ticket with a Phijama Festival wristband.

In order to exchange your Phijama Festival ticket with a wristband you will have to show a valid ID or passport. Passport is the only accepted proof of ID for foreign citizens.

The code on your ticket will be matched with your wristband and personalized with the details of you ID. From that moment onwards you will be using just the wristband to enter different areas of the festival grounds.

Please bare in mind that tickets can not be personalized in your name or someone else’s and are not dependent on any person; therefore, the person who submits the code on the ticket first, gets the Phijama Festival wristband. So keep your code safe.

In the unlikely chance that a fraud takes place (such as having gained prohibited entry into the festival), Phijama Festival, will not submit the ticket owner, a wristband or a new ticket. In this case, Phijama Festival can not be held accountable for the fraud.

What should I know about Phijama Festival wristbands?

Your Phijama Festival wristbands are valid only if you are wearing them on your wrist.

Wristbands that are cut, glued, wider than the person’s wrist or in any way damaged will be considered invalid.

Your Phijama Festival wristband is stricktly personal hence its usage is not transferrable to any third parties.

Damaged or lost wristbands can not be exchanged for a new one

You can collect your Phijama Festival wristband only if you show the code on your ticket and a valid ID or passport.

Those who commit fraud or be an accomplice to fraud will be prosecuted.

Can I return my Phijama Festival ticket?

It is not possible to return any Phijama Festival tickets.

Phijama Festival participants who are staying at World of Sunrise Resort can get in touch with their travel agency to have more information about their options.

What can I do if I do not have my ticket with me?

In order to gain entry into PHIJAMA Festival, you will need your ticket and the QR code/barcode on it. So don’t forget it! You can gain access by displaying the ticket as a pdf file on your smartphone.

I have purchased a silver category ticket. Can I upgrade it to a golden category ticket at the festival site?

No changes can be made in the categories of the tickets or wristbands.

Can I return my ticket due to…?

Each ticket is activated via the downloaded app. Tickets can not be used by any other person except for the owner, be sold, refunded or changed.

What is the most comfortable accommodation at Phijama Festival?

Phijama Festival will take place between 1st-8th of May at the World of Sunrise which is composed by Starlight Resort and Sunrise Resort Hotels in Antalya and will be the scene of 7 nights 7 days of uninterrupted fun.

For a full festival experience participants should be staying at the World of Sunrise

Can I participate to Phijama Festival even if I stay in a different hotel ?

Yes, you can enjoy Phijama Festival even if you are staying in an alternative hotel. You can ask your tour operator or visit us directly at the information desk in World of Sunrise to purchase your festival package.

Is camping included within Phijama Festival's accommodation options?

At this edition of Phijama Festival we do not have a camping area within the festival grounds.

How does the check-in process work at Phijama?

What does the check-in process entail at PHIJAMA’s festival site?

In order to gain entry into PHIJAMA, you have to complete the check-in process. Please have your valid id or passport handy before checking in. Without a valid id or passport, you will not be able to exchange your ticket with a wristband and therefore you will not be able to gain entry into PHIJAMA. The check-in process is obligatory for anyone wishing to enter PHIJAMA, including persons that are invited.

When can I check-in?

May 1-7 10:00-00

How do I early check-in?

Depending on your travel plans, we strongly urge you to complete the early check-in process once you reach Antalya. An early check-in will allow you to collect your wristband earlier and gain faster access to the festival, enabling you to be on time for the concerts. We advise everyone, who has a Daily access ticket for the 2nd of May or a 7-day ticket, to benefit from the early access check-in. Once you arrive on the festival site, you should follow the ‘’I have a wristband’’ or ‘’Bilekliğim var’’ signs. There will be a short security check to make sure if your information matches with your wristband, so you should have your valid id or passport handy that you used in the early check-in process. If you bring a different document(id/passport), you will have to go through the check-in process again.

Where and how can I complete the early check-in process?

For our guests, who are benefiting from accommodation, the early check-in process will be completed when you enter the code given to you at the moment of purchasing the ticket, into the festival app on your phone. If you have a Daily Access Ticket, follow the instructions for Daily Access Guest in the PHIJAMA App you have downloaded.

Where is the PHIJAMA?

At the heart of Antalya, a place where everything you can dream about a festival and vacation comes to life. In Starlight Resort Hotel, in Side. Find on Google Maps!

How do I come to PHIJAMA?

There will be shuttle buses from different locations in Antalya for your easy access to PHIJAMA. More information will be posted soon.

Will there be shuttle buses to the festival site? If so, what are the departure times and points?

Information about the shuttle buses at PHIJAMA will be posted soon.

What should I do if I’m travelling by plane?

You can use our shuttle service from Antalya International Airport once you arrive.

Our shuttle service will be at your command between the festival site and different locations in Antalya. Details and times will be announced when the festival is approaching.

PHIJAMA Fest shuttles will run between May 1-8. The shuttle timetable has been arranged according to flight arrivals. The shuttles will travel directly to the PHIJAMA festival site from either the airport or from different locations in Antalya.

What should I do if I’m travelling by car?

If you are travelling to PHIJAMA by car, you should check the PHIJAMA Fest parking options listed on PHIJAMA Fest’s website. Parking space is limited, so be quick!

What should I do if I’m travelling by public transportation?

If you are accommodating in the city center and want to travel to PHIJAMA by public transportation, we urge you to look at Antalya’s network of public transportation’s route planning information.

The nearest public transportation stop to PHIJAMA Fest is the ‘’Kızılağaç Ayrımı’’ stop

How can I travel to PHIJAMA if I’m staying somewhere else in Antalya?

If you are staying in somewhere in the city and are planning on using public transportation to travel to the festival site, you can determine your route by using Antalya Public Transportation Website.

If you want to take a taxi to PHIJAMA, which is located in Kızılağaç Bölgesi in Manavgat, you can take a taxi from anywhere at the airport or around Antalya.

If you have a question or comment about the service, you can either talk to the taxi officers at the taxi station or you can call the number of the selected taxi station.

How do I travel outside from the PHIJAMA festival site?

There is an operating taxi station which is very close to the festival site. There will also be shuttles from the festival site to previously determined areas

Will PHIJAMA have a special app?

YES. With our special PHIJAMA app, you will be able to easily get information about the festival and have a fantastic festival experience.

How will payments be made at Phijama Festival?

Upon checking in to the Phijama Festival grounds every guest will receive a specially designed wristband. When guests register their credit card details onto the festival mobile application they automatically will be able to use their wristbands instead of cash.

With Phijama Festival wristband guests will be able to access designated festival areas and they will also be able to make cashless payments for any consumption at the Bazaar area, Main and Temple Stage f&b outlets.

I am vegan/vegetarian. Will there be vegan/vegetarian menus at the festival site? If so, will it be for a fee?

There will be vegan and vegetarian menus at the festival site. You can easily reach restaurants and menus on our mobile app.

Will there be doctors or health organizations at the festival site?

First-aid teams will patrol the festival site continuously. If you need any help, please do not hesitate to approach them. In addition to this, you can also visit the First-Aid area where there will be a non-stop pharmacy. If you have medication that needs to be stored, please visit the First-Aid Area.

I am using …medication for an illness. Will I have difficulty bringing my medication into the festival site?

No medications will be allowed inside the festival site, except for prescribed epilepsy medications that include a doctor’s report.

Can I bring a professional camera and/or a voice recorder?

See festival rules.

Can daily access visitors enter into the hotel area?

Daily access visitors are not allowed in the hotel area.

What is the age limit for PHIJAMA?

The age limit for attending PHIJAMA is 18. Our under-aged guests can attend if they are accompanied by their parents.

Can I bring my pet to PHIJAMA?

Due to regulations by the Health Ministry, no pets are allowed at PHIJAMA

Can I use a professional video /vioce recorder at Phijama Festival?

It is forbidden to use any professional audio/video equipment at Phijama Festival. Any such professional equipments will not be allowed within the festival grounds.

Can I use my personal device to take pictures/videos at Phijama Festival?

You can use your personal mobile device and non professional camera to take pictures and record videos in all public areas at Phijama Festival. We kindly remind you to respect other guests’ privacy needs while taking pictures/videos.

Will the Organizers take my pictures/videos at Phijama Festival?

Every participant who enters Phijama Festival grounds authomatically grants permission to be photographed and audio visually recorded by the Organizers and any third party suppliers contracted and authorized by them.

The Organizers may use the audio visual material for promotional purposes.

I hereby read and understood the Informatory Text on Personal Data Protection Information. Having been informed, I hereby give my explicit consent to processing and sharing of my personal data with regard to the matters set forth in PHIJAMA’s Informatory Text on Personal Data Protection in order to register membership and befit from membership rights.